Travel plans to enjoy Sapporo in summer!

Plan #1 Enjoy summer gourmet foods and events

Enjoy a delicious hamburger for lunch!

Jacksonville's hamburgers are recommended for lunch when you arrive in Sapporo! You can enjoy a hearty and hearty hamburger made in the USA! The delicious flavor of the meat overflows with flavor.

Enjoy the spectacular view of Sapporo from the observatory of the TV Tower!

The Sapporo TV Tower, a radio tower in Odori Park, offers a spectacular view of the entire city of Sapporo against the backdrop of Odori Park with its seasonal flowers, the Sea of Japan in the distance, and the magnificent Ishikari Plain! If you come to Sapporo, you should definitely visit there!

Check in to your room!

Stay in a room on the upper floors of a tower apartment building in Nakajima Koen, a popular area in the center of Sapporo! Luxury suite rooms with panoramic views of Sapporo and night scenery! Convenient to go anywhere with 1 minute subway station♪

Sapporo Summer Festival! Enjoy the beer garden and Hokkai Bon dance in Odori Park!

At beer gardens held in Odori Park in summer, visitors can enjoy beers from Suntory, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and others at each venue! Other beers from around the world, as well as barrel draft beer from the official brewery of the world's largest beer festival "Oktoberfest" from Sapporo's sister city Munich, Germany, are also available! You can also enjoy dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients and German cuisine together, so you will surely enjoy your summer trip to Sapporo to the fullest!â

After checking out, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and take a stroll in Nakajima Park!

Nakajima Park, located right in front of the rooms, is a popular spot where you can enjoy nature while still being in the city! We recommend you to take out delicious coffee, sandwiches, cookies, etc. from "Smooch coffee Stand" right in front of Nakajima Park and take a walk in the park.