Travel plans to enjoy Sapporo in Spring!

Plan #1 Enjoy the scenery and food of Sapporo in spring

Enjoy cherry blossoms in full bloom at Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine!

Hokkaido Shrine and Maruyama Park are popular cherry blossom viewing spots! If you come to Sapporo in spring, enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Enjoy delicious soba noodles for lunch at a soba restaurant in Nishi-ku!

Enjoy lunch at "Shidan," which serves delicious soba noodles and yakitori. ♪ You can enjoy our special soba noodles, made with our own blend of buckwheat flour from Hokkaido and handmade every morning!

Enjoy beautiful gardens and delicious sweets at Shiroi Koibito Park!

Shiroi Koibito Park in spring is recommended for its rose garden decorated with colorful flowers! You can also enjoy the historic atmosphere of the building, which is built with over 100-year-old English bricks and is modeled after the architecture of Chester, the ancient capital of England. Inside the building, visitors can take a tour of the factory and try their hand at making sweets, and at the café, they can enjoy strawberry pancakes and popular white rolls while enjoying the spectacular view of Sapporo.

Check in to your room!

Stay in a room on the upper floors of a tower apartment building in Nakajima Koen, a popular area in the center of Sapporo! Luxury suite rooms with panoramic views of Sapporo and night scenery! Convenient to go anywhere with 1 minute subway station♪

In the evening, enjoy a special course meal at one of Sapporo's hidden gems!

"Hokkaido Kappou - Usagi to Kame" is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido using Japanese cooking techniques. The menu is tailored to each customer's tastes, and is served as an omakase course. Enjoy delicious dishes that use a variety of spring ingredients.

After checking out, take out a delicious sandwich and stroll through Odori Park!

Saera, a sandwich store loved by Sapporo citizens, offers delicious sandwiches made with two choices of ingredients from a selection of more than 10 different kinds. Since it is located right in front of Odori Park, it is recommended to take out a sandwich and enjoy it while strolling in Odori Park during the cherry blossom season!